Friday, May 18, 2018

#leadership lessons from the #IPL

The IPL has some wonderful lessons on leadership for us to mull over. Firstly, there's no one style of leadership that works. You can be a shrewd tactician like Dhoni who preys on the weaknesses of the opposition to win. OR be a mercurial talent house like Kohli, who pushes his teams to rise above the ordinary. Take a Rohit who inspires his fledgling players to shine like great suns and contrast him with the workman-like Dinesh Kartik who grinds his team to success. Sometimes situations find leaders like the fall of Warner discovered the diamond that's Williamson. On the other hand the same situation shows the limitations of Rahane as a leader. Leadership is also daunting. It can strangle talent like Shreyas Iyer and is also fickle as Ashwin is perhaps realizing. There's no formula for leadership. Just like there's none for #success

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