Monday, January 22, 2018

Dharma in Indian Industry

Indian industry needs to find its soul if it has to flourish. Right now most Indian companies consciously follow western philosophies but unconsciously blend into it, local practices. We have to let go of this confusion and discover who we truly are. Our own ancient texts have walked these paths, before we were reduced to penury by foreign rule - that obliterated our own concept of society, behavior and professionalism. The philosophy that we can make our growth engine, that which has been forgotten and obfuscated is the concept of 'DHARMA'. Today reduced to meaning 'religion', mistaken for 'karma' and confused with the Buddhist interpretation (cosmic order) India's redemption lies in the rediscovery of the true meaning of DHARMA: Duty Through Right Actions. The Dharma of education institutions should be to awaken this in students. Of the government & organizations to enable it and of leaders to inspire it. A culture where doing the right and enabling it is everyone's duty. #culture #industry #dharma

Saturday, January 6, 2018

No Substitute

A few years ago, one of India's premier engineering colleges (I believe it was BITS Pilani) had invited a distinguished luminary as the chief guest for their Golden Jubilee celebrations. After completing the initial proceedings the emcee invited the chief guest, seated in the front row, to share his thoughts with the audience, amidst thunderous applause. The gentleman approached the podium, waited for the applause to die out, then smiled and gently said, "Work hard." Having said this, he quietly returned to his seat. The audience was utterly confused and on the urging of the organizers the harried emcee rushed to the mike and entreated the Chief Guest to say a few more words. The gentleman obliged, once again walked up to the podium and said, "Work hard", then returned to his seat. The pin-drop silence lasted only a few minutes before the full impact of the great man's words sunk into the distinguished audience. I'm told, the standing ovation that followed is yet to be matched in the history of that finest of institutions.

#success #hardwork #professional #lifetruths