Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Why the #NewYear doesn't matter.

1. Because  time isn't running out for you.  Expect to live beyond 80 & plan to work till 75. So if you're 45, you have 30 years of work-life to go! So don't let age become a barrier in your mind. Keep the energy flowing!
2. Because you haven't lost time in 'finding your passion'. Not all of us have one. We chose to do what we are currently doing after considering many options, making a good decision. Just believe in it!
3. Because you're not just doing the same job repeatedly. You're actually getting better at it. Genius- data says- isn't about DNA. It's about hours and hours of practicing and perfecting a skill. 10,000 hours to be precise. So if you've crossed 5 years in your current job, you're close to mastering it. Don't lose that advantage. On the contrary, stick with it and in a while you've be commanding a premium for your expertise.
4. Because change is not about what's happening around you, rather it's about what's changed about you.When age and passion aren't restrictions in your mind, go out and initiate new things. More than the reactions of people, you will feel the change & know that you're actually riding it!
New Year's Day is just another day. But a fresh approach, is a whole new YOU!

 Happy New You!
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Friday, December 1, 2017

Don't kill it!

Don't let one failure kill your zeal for thinking out-of-the-box.

I've seen this happen thousands of times. With clients, colleagues, professionals & creative directors.
The failure of an idea closes the doors on any further effort to think out-of-the-box.
All professionals agree on one thing, that out-of-the-box thinking is the need of the hour. Then why is so little of it happening?
If you set aside technology companies, almost no large company is embracing this unquestionable truth. Why is this so?
The reason is simple: "A burnt child dreads fire" Take a company facing fierce competition or with an ambitious growth target. An out-of-the-box idea is the need of the hour.It develops one along with its agencies and research teams. It earmarks a huge marketing budget, top professionals in the company put their careers at risk to back the idea. A huge PR campaign is launched and the product is rolled out. After the initial euphoria, no great growth is seen. The naysayers within the organization draw out their daggers and heads begin to roll.
For the company & the professionals who lost their jobs one question is asked repeatedly, "Who told you to do this? at least you would have a job!" There's now a unspoken bad word within the company - "out-of-the-box". Everyone flinches from it. The professionals who join other places come down hard on anyone in their team who uses these blasphemous words! Nobody want's to be unemployed again! Even though everyone can see the end of the organization looming, they now prefer to sit tight and keep shut. Sad, but true.
We must understand that an idea carries high risk and seek learning not scapegoats. Standing still or flowing with the tide is also failure.