Saturday, February 17, 2018

India beyond scams

The taxi driver asked these question, "How is it that a poor man like me is unable to get a few lakh rupees car loan from a bank but a rich man gets thousands of crores against no securities whatsoever? Why is it that I have to run from pillar to post and finally raise money at a huge interest from dubious finance companies while banks trip over each other to fund the rich man and renegotiate his interest even when he defaults? How is it that the rich man siphons off money for years without getting caught and I'm pulled up if I miss one installment on my car loan? Why it it that it's becoming increasingly difficult for me to simply manage my livelihood while the rich man multiplies his wealth many times over? Sir, WHY ARE THE RICH GETTING RICHER AND THE POOR GETTING POORER IN OUR DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY? It's because somewhere in the past we replaced our national role model.  We traded Mahatma Gandhi for a business icon known to twist and break the rules to become wealthy. That day, our nation lost its collective moral compass. We stopped seeing wrong as wrong. A wrong that managed to not get caught became accepted as right as long as it made one wealthy. We gave away righteousness to gain wealth. We have only ourselves to blame. Change will happen only by resetting our moral compass.