Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Professional Etiquette

Not winning at a pitch does not mean defeat. It's an indication that someone else was better on that day. It is important to accept the client's decision with grace, improve from the feedback and maintain the relationship. In a world where nothing is permanent you never know when the winner of yesterday will fail tomorrow and you may be called again. So it is with interviews and job offers also. If you're not selected, understand why and improve. Nurture the contact. Treat it as an opportunity to grow your network and let the person know you beyond your CV. Do the same even if you are unable to take a client on board at a low cost or if you're not taking up a job being offered. Maintain that outlook with your vendor-partners as well. The world's a funny place and you never know when, where and in what position you meet the same people again. Sometimes it's you making the pitch and surprisingly at other times, the tables are turned and you're the person deciding. A calm, mature perspective marked with dignity and a genuine effort to maintain and nurture relationships is what will hold you in good stead. The world, after all, is round.