Tuesday, December 22, 2015


A friend made an interesting comment. He pointed out that another retiring judge had sustained a guilty verdict. I suppose he meant either: the judge took money for a guilty verdict or that not all retiring judges are corrupt.
This reminds me of an interesting incident of more than 2 decades back when the BSE was hit by its first big scam. Heads of PSU banks had been arrested for being hand in glove with a man dubbed 'The Big Bull'. This man had managed overdrafts from various FIs and had used it to inflate the prices of shell companies.
But the bubble had burst due to the efforts of a trainee reporter and the man was in custody. Various government bodies were under pressure to stick a charge on the man who had shattered many homes albeit indirectly resulting in many suicides.
In one government institution an officer was preparing for his retirement. He was called in by the chief commissioner and silently handed over the case. The officer had only a couple of months but he prepared a water-tight case.
What all pressure was put on him can never be talked about. But he didn't budge neither did he say a word. He handed over the report and retired to a quiet, forgotten life.
The Big Bull was found guilty and his evil reign completely destroyed. His sins caught up with him and he died much like the lives he destroyed.
It all begins with us. If our country has to improve, all it takes is for each one to do her/his duty. This itself will inspire people who are in our circle and one day that ripple will become a tsunami to rid us of the greed that has always been the undoing of this great country.