Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The #beautifulcause

In the run-up to the #FIFA World Cup, various posts, videos and articles are being written about the best teams that played in its history. Many teams are felicitated, but 3 teams stand out as the best.  Astonishingly none of the three won the won cup: The Hungarian team of '54, the Dutch team of '74 and the Brazilians of '82. How is it that losers have had such a great and lasting impact on the world's most popular sport? Aren't sports a celebration of victory? Common to the 3 is a single theme. None of them worried about victory, they played the game for the beauty of it, played it in the right spirit and went for the goal at every opportunity - irrespective of the scorecard - setting aside personal milestones, playing as a team, raising the bar & making the game richer with every match.  These three teams created & RECREATED the beautiful game: The free-flowing thrilling, artistry and athleticism that's football. Putting it above everything else, including victory.  So football won and they've became immortal. That's real victory.  That's inspiring victory. A wonderful thing to remember at work isn't it? To be a part of a team that pushes for an inspiring cause. It doesn't matter if you win or lose. But you'd have changed the world. For the better. #marketing #belief