Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Consumer insight and brands

During the IPL match ad break, my teenage son and I noticed three different motorcycle brands advertise one after the other all touting power, speed and racing. "Dad, why haven't they bothered to say something different from each other? Also as a potential audience, I find their proposition unappealing. Neither my friends nor I would want to do any of these stunts. This is pure recklessness!" His words reminded me of a famous motorcycle brand launch I had the privilege of working on. Like the team that had developed these racing ads, we too then believed that motorcycle buyers were closeted cowboys, dreaming of impressing the world with their reckless bravado. Consumer research however threw up a surprise! Potential motorcycle owners spoke of having to balance a demanding life of rising expenses and needs with an income that couldn't be taken for granted. Above all what shone out was their sense of righteousness that eschewed risk and embraced struggle. This inspired us to launch the brand on a contra position of being the unshakeable even through rough times.  I look at my son and countless other responsible, mature kids of this country and wonder why motorcycle brands can't see the obvious, continuing as they do, to harp on a redundant tune.

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